MRI-Safe® Pole Mount

A purpose built device for MRI & CT Gantry use, our Pole Mounted Counter-Poised Equipment Suspension provides outstanding reach and versatility of use in MRI & CT Labs.

Simplicity of installation allows this device to be installed without interference with or penetration of the Faraday RF Shield in MR Labs. Cementing a small piece of plywood to that shield above the Drop Ceiling provides the minimal required support with most weight being transferred to the floor.

The pole can be placed as shown, directly beside the MRI Gantry, allowing excellent injector placement and storage.

Manufactured entirely of Non-Ferrous materials, our MRI Counter-Poised Stand is non-magnetic to 3 Tesla. In addition to providing a near ideal mounting platform for Pressure Injectors, this Equipment Suspension is versatile and can potentially be used to mount a variety of other devices.

Above: Pole mount installed tight to MR Gantry
Left: Plywood cemented to Faraday RF Shield provides ceiling fastening without shield interference

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