"ErgoLite® Aprons, Changed My Life"



Douglas Coldwell, M.D. PhD, Interventional Radiologist, Professor of Radiology & Radiation Oncology, tells us why...

Dr. Coldwell feels so strongly about the benefits of the Patented ErgoLite® Aprons he's worn for 10 years, that he volunteered to help us spread the word to his colleagues.

Dr. Coldwell volunteered his time to share his thoughts, with us, in a video. That video is unscripted. The statements below are his, from that video.

"ErgoLite® gives me good radiation protection. It helps my back & shoulders by redistributing the weight onto my hips. It's a great piece of equipment and I swear by it."

"What you need to be doing is you have to concentrate on the patient and not on your back or anything else. That has to go into the background. Because if it comes to the foreground, while you're doing a case, it means you're distracted. And doing this stuff, you can't be distracted"...

"It gives me safety 360 degrees. It's comfortable. And I don't have to be concerned about my back during long cases. It's a winner on 3 counts."


U.S. Patent NOs. 5,834,789 & 5,844,246 & 8,710,477 B1