Trapezoid™ Adjustable Mobile Barrier



SPECIAL OFFER: Trapezoid Mobile Barrier PACKAGE includes 0.5mm Trapezoid Mobile Barrier, ErgoLite® Vest, choice of RayShield® Glasses, and RayShield® Lead Acrylic Face Shield – all for $5,995!

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This mobile barrier is a unique, x-ray protection barrier that is easily adjustable in both height and in footprint.  The Trapezoid™ X-ray Barrier allows for optional height adjustment of up to 10 inches.

This adjustable barrier does not need any power source.  A user may adjust the height of the x-ray barrier simply by pulling up or pushing down on the frame.

In it’s standard and widest configuration the Trapezoid™ is capable of shielding one or two persons. The footprint of the mobile barrier may also be adjusted to a smaller, open ended rectangle.  The Trapezoid™ X-ray Barrier comes standard in 0.5mm lead equivalence. 1.0mm lead equivalence is also available.



54” when adjusted to highest point

44” when adjusted to lowest point

40” wide opening at widest point, adjustable to 25″ wide

Front center panel 26” wide

17” deep

25” long from back casters to front casters

Bottom rail to floor is 4.5” for ergonomic use of floor pedals and comfort

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0.5mm Lead Equivalent Barrier, 1.0mm Lead Equivalent Barrier, Upgrade to Trapezoid Barrier Protection Package

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