In Beijing a Cardiologist is shielded from medical radiation by our suspended shield. In Boston an Image Guided Therapy Lab uses our MRI-Safe® suspensions for all overhead equipment, from Surgical Lamps to LCD Screens. In Los Angeles a nurse prepares a patient for a long interventional procedure with our special gel pads that prevent pressure sores. In small town USA a Mobile MRI Van arrives with AADCO manufactured equipment on board.

Since 1985, AADCO Medical, Inc. has specialized in the design and manufacture of Medical Imaging Products. Hospitals around the world, from New York to Tokyo, use AADCO Medical Products, including those manufactured under our ErgoLite®, X-Ban®, C-Gel™, RayShield®, X-Drape® and MRI-Safe® Trademarks.

Over the years AADCO Medical has developed a comprehensive line of Radiation Protection, Ergonomic Equipment Suspension Systems and MRI equipment suspension products that are specially designed to function safely in the MRI environment.

AADCO's Design, Engineering and Comprehensive ISO 9001:2000, and ISO 13485 Quality Systems have combined to offer the finest products, of their type, available to the Medical Profession.

When our customers say they need it, we provide solutions. End users of our products have experienced our responsiveness and quality, discovering that AADCO Medical people and products always perform. We provide solutions that improve medical care and create a safe, efficient, better equipped and ergonomically sensitive medical workplace.