X-Drape® Comfort-Fit™ X-ray Shielded Procedure Cap

Scattered Radiation Head Protection for all personnel during diagnostic and interventional X-ray Fluoroscopy Procedures. This is the lightest weight ergonomically designed head shielding on the market.
Shielding material is concentrated on the sides where it provides excellent protection. The top is made of a light weight ventilated material, which helps keep you cool and comfortable.

Available both sterile and non-sterile


  • Shielding .125mm Pb equivalent
  • Lead Free Material
  • Environmentally safe for disposal
  • Light weight
  • Adjusts to fit all head sizes

Available both sterile and non-sterile

Sold in cases of 20.

D-125N - non-sterile  $88.00/case
D-125 - sterile  $110.00/case