X-Drape® Features

X-Drape® Performance

  • Based on 12 Biopsy Procedures with and without X-Drape®
  • Measurements in mR Expressed in Percentage of Skin Entrance Dose
  • Left Eye Closer to Radiation Source

X-Drape® Rationale

  • Effectively Reduces Scattered Radiation Exposure up to 98%
  • Provides Critical Radiation Dose Mitigation for the Eyes, Hands, Arms & Thyroid
  • Reduces Overall Body Dose
  • Reduces Radiation Badge Readings

X-Drape® Advantages

  • At 0.25mm Lead Equivalence it provides Greater Dose Reduction than competitive products
  • Improves Dose Reductions well beyond conventional Radiation Protection Methods
  • Meets ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) Guidelines
  • Allows Physician Eye Dose to be Reduced Below ICRP (International Congress on Radiation Protection) Recommended Maximums

X-Drape® Benefits

  • Greatly Enhanced Radiation Dose Reduction in Critcal Areas of Eyes, Hands, Arms & Thyroid
  • Allows Closer Proximity to the Patient during Procedures
  • Reduces Radiation Badge Readings
  • Lowest Competitive Price & Lowest Cost Per Procedure