RayShield® Radiation Protection Eyewear

Radiation Damage to Eyes Reported . . .

In a paper presented at The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in December 2004, specific findings were reported of radiation related eye damage in a group of 59 practicing Interventional Radiologists ranging in age from 29 to 62, who were surveyed and examined. The paper reported;


"The researchers found that nearly half of the Interventional Radiologists screened had signs of radiation related lens changes. PSC Cataracts were found in five (8 percent) of the 59 radiologists screened and an additional 22 subjects 37% showed small paracentral dot-like opacities in the PCS region of the lens, which is consistent with early signs of radiation damage." *1

The complete text of this White Paper is available online at www.RSNANEWS.org The ionizing radiation associated with fluoroscopy in interventional and diagnostic imaging procedures can have damaging biological effects on many types of body tissue. Sometimes these effects take years to manifest themselves, in the form of conditions that can lead to impaired vision and even blindness. This delayed manifestation makes it difficult to recognize the harmful effects of radiation until the damage has already been done. Dosimetry studies have proven that X-ray Protective Glasses can effectively eliminate 90% of the scattered radiation to the eye.

Balanced Eye Protection and Comfort

RayShield® lead protection glasses are manufactured in our in-house optical lab to the highest standard in the industry. They offer the superior protection of a high quality controlled optically-correct lead glass lens. They feature better balance than many other X-ray lead protective eye glasses. Genuine RayShield® X-ray Glasses are the industry's premium product.

Protection & Weight

Our Exclusive NewMillenia™ 0.5mm & 0.75mm lead equivalent protection are light-weight by industry standards. They represent an evolutionary change in lens design. They offer lighter weight, up to 33% lighter than some conventional lead glass lenses, in a high performance lead composite lens.

Lens Replacement. . .
Frame Repairs Fast Prescription Service

Because we're the Manufacturer you can send us virtually any type of X-ray Protective Glasses for Repair at Nominal Prices.

Ordering Prescription Glasses

Prescription orders require the following information included on or with the purchase order: (1) Prescription (2) specific lens type; single vision, standard bifocal or progressive (invisible) bifocal (3) height of bifocal (Note: We will place bifocal height on center unless otherwise specified) (4) Pupillary Distance. In some cases glasses may need special fitting. This should be done, after receipt, by a qualified optician. When ordering bifocals you may wish to have the bifocal height measured. This should be done with the specific eyeglass frame you're ordering. Upon receipt of the order we will arrange to send you a frame so that measurements may be made by your local optometrist, optician or ophthalmologist.
Note: Prescription orders are not returnable.


All Glass X-ray Protective Lenses, regardless of manufacturer, present a significant risk of eye injury if the lens is damaged in any way. Plastic and polycarbonate lenses can reduce this risk, but do not, by themselves, provide any protection from X-rays.

  1. Source RSNANEWS.org RSNA News Hot Topic, 2004 Interventional Radiology Carries Occupational Risk for Cataracts