Vertex™ Retrofit DR Solutions

(Left) Wireless FPD (Right) Flat Pnael Imager FPI

Wireless FPD

Our advanced, proven, 35cm x 43cm wireless panel is a finely structured CsI:Tl with direct vapor deposition technology which delivers higher sensitivity and excellent resolution.

Reflective coating on the CsI:Tl screen enables excellent Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) and low noise. A high Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) FPI is the result of these outstanding technologies which provides excellent diagnostic images, while delivering the benefits of lower radiation dose to the patient.

Flat Panel Imager FPI

Our Advanced 43cm x 43cm FPI is designed specifically for medical radiographic diagnostic systems.

  • Featuring excellent image quality with Cesium Iodide (CsI) X-ray scintillator.
  • High Resolution and High DQE CsI Phosphor Screen
  • TETD has long fine and thick pillar structure of CsI
  • Phosphor screen provides high resolution and high sensitivity, with Low Noise ROIC

Imaging Workstation

Imaging workstations and can be configured to to suit your needs.