Vertex™ Nova Overhead Tube Radiographic System

Above: The Vertex™ Nova Overhead Control Panel

Below: The Vertex™ Nova Overhead Suspension System

The Vertex™ Nova includes a heavy-duty Overhead X-Ray Tube System characterized by its simple and functional design. With its new lightweight design, the Vertex™ NOVA guarantees highly precise positioning for an optimal radiographic result.

Thanks to its vertical and horizontal displacements, Vertex™ Nova can cover nearly the entire area of the room in which it is installed. Combined with a four way float top elevating Bucky Table and a vertical bucky, it is a complete two panel DR solution in a traditional form.


  • TFT with Touch Screen
  • Integration with Vertex™ Generators
  • Integration with Digital Imaging Systems
  • Remote Maintenance (Ethernet)
  • Automatic Collimation via CAN Bus
  • Tracking at the Detector Center
  • Tracking Out of the Detector Center
  • Auto-Positioning
  • Auto-Tracking
  • Digital Systems