AMX Portable Solutions

Our AMX Portable Solution converts your tired old AMX portable to a DR equipped, fully remanufactured, AMX Portable with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY including the X-ray Tube, for less than you'd expect.
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  1. Standard AMX-4 PLUS Two Year Warranty
  2. Software Indicates Over/Under Exposure
  3. Dual Monitors
  4. Optional 19" Touchscreen Monitor 360° Rotation
  5. 15" Touchscreen Monitor
  6. Key Pad JCAHO Approved
  7. 29 LB. Backpack Removable With One Bolt
  8. 14 x 17 Panel (AED) Weighs 6 LBS Completely Wireless With A 3-Year Warranty
  9. Stores Last 100 Images
  10. Can Be Used In Rad Rooms Also
  11. Drop Protection Available
  12. Batteries Last 18 Hours Before Charging Is Required