AADCO U-arm DR Plus

AADCO Motorized U-arm Universal Radiographic System with Digital Flat Panel Detector

Our AADCO U-arm DR Plus is a general digital radiographic system designed for maximum flexibility with intuitive controls for optimum workflow and clinical productivity. It can easily perform the full range of radiographic studies for ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients, standing, seated or tabletop, including all general radiographic procedures and trauma applications.

This totally integrated system combines the modern technology of a High Frequency X-Ray Generator with Digital Flat Panel technology for Direct Digital Image acquisition; all designed with a user-friendly, intuitive operation system for easy positioning of any patient.

The AADCO U-arm is a fully motorized, 2 speed system with variable SID and anti-collision safety system, making positioning both easy and safe. It provides continuous alignment between the x-ray source and the flat panel image receptor, with constant beam alignment in any position or at any angle.

This Digital Radiography device, with automatic motorized operation, is more versatile than a traditional float top bucky table and upright wall stand, and provides the reduced cost of only one flat panel imager, rather than two.

AADCO DR Advantages

  • Easy Maneuvering of hardware
  • Optimum Flexibility for Exams
  • Improved Workflow
  • Superior Image Quality
  • Image Access within a few seconds
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Robust Digital Image Enhancement
  • Simple, intuitive, multi-location operation

Movements can be controlled from four different places:

  1. From the Acquisition Console and the Infrared Remote Control
  2. From the Touch Buttons located in the X-ray Tube cover, around the Touch Screen Display Control
  3. From the Infrared Remote Control
  4. From the Control Panel at the Detector side

During all movements a button must be pressed continuously (dead-man) until reaching the final position. At this moment a message tells the operator that the position has been reached successfully.