AADCO Optima Straight-Arm DR System

The AADCO Straight-arm is a universal swivel arm X-ray system. It is easy to operate, providing for excellent radiographic workflow for all techniques on all parts of the body.

The system is composed of a floor-to-wall column and a turnable arm with variable height center, allowing the radiographer to take exposures of patients in standing, sitting or in recumbent/table-top position.

Because of its compact design Vertex™ Optima URS is a radiography system which takes up little space, is easy to install, and low-cost.

Specifications AADCO Straight Arm DR

(Basic unit)

Source-image distance (SID): 100-200 cm. continuously adjustable (manually)
Power supply 115, 208, 230, 240 VAC; single phase, 350 VA
Dimensions (H x W x D) 2.720 mm x 2.260 mm x 1.400 mm
Main Column Sturdy wall and floor-mounted support column Swivel arm
Swivel Arm Counterbalanced for effortless, accurate setting
Vertical Travel 1.140 mm
Brakes Electromagnetics (24 V CC), and manual
Bucky Type Cassette holder and bucky (max. cassette size: 43 x 43 cm)
Range of Tilt ± 45º - flat locking rails for accessories
Grid 103 lines / Ratio 10:1 / f0 = 150 cm. optional grids available
X-ray Generator Compact X-ray generator (line powered / battery powered)
X-Ray Tube Assembly Turnable 360º with angle reading and detents at every 45º
Collimator Manual collimator with light field indicator and rails for accessories
Patient Table Dimensions (L x W x H) 2.000 mm x 650 mm x 700 mm


  • Installation of bucky on right hand side
  • Ionization chamber for bucky unit
  • Motorized movement for SID and vertical travel
  • Unit Weight 260 kg - 294 kg motorized
  • Net table weight: 46 kg


  • Compression band
  • Head support