AADCO Retrofit DR Solutions

Control Panel 17" x 17" Cesium lodide wireless DR Imaging Panel

AADCO's "Lightning Plus" Instant DR Solution

The lightening plus allows the end user to use DR in any existing X-ray Room (Radiographic) or with any X-ray Portable.

Amazingly, it requires no installation or calibration. It works with your X-ray system's photo-timer or even when there is no photo-timing, using conventional radiographic techniques. It includes a wireless 17"x 17" Cesium loddie DR Imaging panel (weight 6lbs.) and a 15.6" touchscreen laptop workstation. The system includes all necessary image acquisition, Image processing software, and DICOM compatibility.

Hardware Workstation

  • Screen size 15.6" Touchscreen
  • Max Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Processor, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7
  • SS Hard Drive, 256 GB SSD
  • Graphics Co-processor
  • Intel Integrated Graphics
  • Chipset Brand, Intel
  • Card Description, integrated, Wireless Type, 802.11 A/C
  • Average Battery Life, 8 hours

BladeView Software

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CAPTURING THE DATA & SEEING IT. Our software provides robust, real-time harmonization of all of the image elements that the huge dynamic range of DR can be appreciated.

  • BladeView Acquisition Software
  • World Class Image Quality First Time Every Time
  • Fast Reliable connectivity to remote PACS and Image Management Systems
  • Simple "Touch Screen" Design provides "Two Click" Image Acquisition
  • Software Features: Digital Radiographic acquisition; stitching; New Patient Emergency, Manual Data Entry or Worklist.
  • Work List: Integrated Generator Control; Integrated Collimator Control; Protocol defined Acquisition Image Enhancement; Dicom Store, print and media creation; DICOM worklist; Video outputs of Control Station Monitor.
  • Review Image Processing: True Multiscale Image Processing; Automatic Rad Code Import; Zoom and Roam; Magnifying Glass; Flips; Rotate; Window and Level, Invert; TYext Insertion; Measurement Package.