AADCO Plus Digital Radiographic System


AADCO PLUS DR is an integrated, radiographic system, ideal for all digital and conventional applications. Featuring automatic procedure programming and precise synchronized motor control of its mechanical components, this system is composed of a High Frequency Generator, Radiography Table, and Wall Bucky.

Designed for flexibility and friendly use in all general digital radiography procedures, it can also be configured to your specific clinical requirements, including: chest, spine, complete skeletal, abdominal, urological and tomography studies (with optional attachment).


The 10" touch screen console further enhances patient workflow. The console displays a direct view of generator parameters, auto position pre-programs, and system APR's, allowing tableside procedure selection while positioning the patient.

Synchronized system movement reduces technician time and effort, thus improving workflow. Patient positioning is faster and safer through sophisticated, easy-to-use technology such as auto-tracking. With auto-tracking, the tube head moves in conjunction with the vertical movements of the wall stand and table and the longitudinal travel of the table bucky.

AADCO PLUS elevating table has a vertical motorized movement with double elevating system. It is accessible from both sides of the table. Utilizing a high precision bearing system, smooth and parallel four way table movement is guaranteed. The ergonomic design makes it user-friendly for both patient and operator. It's robust structure is built to last. The AADCO PLUS can also be integrated with a wall bucky stand.

TheAADCO PLUS DR is a complete radiographic system that provides a very large range of longitudinal and transverse movements. It includes an elevating table with Bucky and "four way floating" table top.

Basic Features:

  • Auto positioning
  • Synchronization for all movements with both table & wall stand
  • User friendly touch screen controls
  • Fast patient positioning
  • Excellent workflow

Advanced Features:

  • The adjustable height table top system allows children, elderly or handicapped patients to be positioned quickly and easily.
  • Anti-collision safety system for downward movement of the table prevents accidents when an object is encountered in its path.
  • The AADCO PLUS counter-balanced tube stand can easily be turned and moved, providing convenient adjustment for lateral exposures.
  • For exposures with the bucky stand, the tube column can be moved beyond the table either on the right or left-hand , either end of the table.
  • The vertical range of movement of the tube assembly provides a minimum source-to-floor distance of only 40 cm.
  • The "four way floating" table top has a large range of longitudinal and transverse movements. By pressing the foot switches, the electromagnetic brakes are released for all directions.
  • Optional integrated automatic exposure control and tomography features are available.
  • High Frequency Generator in Power Ratings: 50 kW 64 kW 80 kW
  • The AADCO PLUS is also ready to go with convenient tools, such as automatic collimation, dose area product devices, and automatic exposure control with Dicom Compliance, providing you with a fully motorized, heavy-duty digital system.