AADCO Flat-Panel C-arm

Pending 510(k), Not Available for Sale within The United States


Proudly Assembled in the USA


20kW high performance Mono-Block Generator with matched performance Rotating Anode X-ray Tube. This C-arm system provides high performance pulse fluoroscopy and cine modes with ALARA low radiation dosage.

The AADCO Flat Panel is equipped with a 31cm x 31cm CMOS flat panel , which provides superb image detail and clarity.

Our monitor cart models provide articulated single post monitor with outstanding positioning capability & Monitor Stability for two 19" LCD monitors.


  • DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) with Roadmap
  • Thermal Printer
  • Remote Control Touchpad
  • Touchscreen monitor upgrade
  • Liquid X-ray Tube Cooling System