AADCO American™ Compact C-arm

Pending 510(k), Not Available for Sale within The United States

Proudly Assembled in the USA

Featuring the only Compact C-arm with 15kW High Performance Mono-Block Generator with matched performance Rotating Anode X-ray Tubes. The AADCO Compact C-arm provides high performance pulse fluoroscopy and cine modes with ALARA low radiation dosage. It features all the specifications of our AADCO 2099 but without the monitor cart and with a compact LCD.

Without the added bulk of a monitor cart, the AADCO Compact is equipped with all the same features, equipment and options as the AADCO 2099.

The Compact form factor of the AADCO Compact includes a 24" single LCD with split screen dual image viewing capability. The counter-poised monitor arm offers an outstanding range of motion and ergonomic positioning capability, that allows positioning the LCD within approximately 2 ft of the base of the C-arm. This allows proper viewing of live images and reference images. The counterpoised monitor arm also allows the LCD to be positioned near the edge of the patient bed while the C is over the patient .


  • 15kW, High Performance Mono-Block Generator
  • High Performance 300K HU Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube
  • 1Kx1K High Performance USA Made CCD Camera
  • High Performance Software, Made and Supported in the USA
  • 135º Wide Orbital Rotation
  • 40.87 inch (1038mm) Source to Image distance
  • True 33 inches (838mm) of Free Space
  • Touch Screen Controls on C-Arm & Monitor Cart
  • High Resolution twin 19" Flat Panel LCD Medical Grade Monitors
  • Tube-side Integrated Laser Aimer
  • Image Intensifier-side Integrated Laser Aimer
  • Virtual Collimator
  • Deluxe Plus Cart with Stabilized Elevated adjustable twin LCD Mounts
  • DICOM 3.0 Easy Archiving and Documentation
  • Monitor Cart with Stabilized Elevated Adjustable LCD Mounts
  • USB & CD/DVD


  • DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) with Roadmap
  • Thermal Printer
  • Remote Control Touch-pad
  • Touchscreen monitor upgrade


  • C-arm length 75 inches (1900mm)
  • C-arm width less than 31.5 inches (800mm)
  • Vertical motorized travel of 17.7 inches (450mm)
  • 360 degree C rotation
  • Orbital under scan at least 90 degrees
  • Orbital over scan at least 45 degrees
  • Steering & Braking by rear wheels, Dead-man Safety Brakes
  • +/- 12.5 degrees wig wag (manual)
  • 200 mm horizontal travel (manual)
  • Free Space = 33 inches (838mm)
  • Depth of C = 30 inches (762mm)
  • X Ray Collimation blade and pure circular