LaserX™ C-arm Image Intensifier Aimer

Improve Accuracy, Safety, & Productivity
when Aiming the X-ray Beam of your C-arm

AADCO's Exclusive Universal Image Intensifier Laser Aimer fits on virtually any 6", 9" or 12" Image Intensifier. LaserX™ Aimer provides virtually any C-arm with accurate visual aiming of the X-ray beam. LaserX™ Aimer can be fitted to any C-arm and properly aligned in minutes. LaserX™ Aimer slips on and is tightened in place. It requires no mechanical modification of the Image Intensifier or power from the Image Intensifier. The LaserX™ Aimer is powered by it's own self-contained batteries. FDA Listed. CE Marked.

Compatible with C-arms of All Brands

LaserX™ Aimer Provides

  • Laser Cross Hair Mark on Patient's Body
  • Cross Hair Correspond to the center of the imaging field
  • Compatibility on C-arms of all Brands

Three models for three standard Image Intensifier Tube Sizes

6" II LA-6000 $1,399.
9" II LA-9000 $1,499.
12" II LA-1200 $1,799.

LaserX™ Aimer Reduces

  • Positioning Errors
  • Repeat Patient Exposures
  • Unnecessary Radiation Exposure to Personnel