Why Hercules® Overhead Suspensions Systems

Better Design and Better Materials Makes the Best Suspension System Ever.

As shown on the FDA Website, failures of German Manufactured Overhead Systems in the USA alone have totaled thousands of units over the past several years.

Inexpensive stamped metal parts,
Fatigued Cold Welds connecting those metal parts,
Poorly engineered mount and connection points.
Above: Spring Arm with broken weld, showing broken off equipment mount.
Top: Close-up of
welded part
before failure.
Close-up of
Broken part
after weld

Thousands of Failure Incidents, Damaged Equipment & the High Risk of User & Patient Injuries.

Equipment Mount
fractured off
at key slot.

Right-Bottom: a closer view of broken weld points and separated equipment mount.

Hercules® is Desinged, Engineered, Assembled and Quality Controlled in the USA

We designed and engineered the Hercules® Overhead Suspension Systems to solve this problem. Our American designed and engineered mono-block construction, made with Hi-Grade USA Aerospace Materials, are light in weight but Heavy Duty in Durability and Performance. We've eliminated the weak points with an American Made Product.

Above: Close-up views of Hercules® Mono-Block construction attached at its pivot with a solid 6063 Hardened Aluminum Extrusion.