RayShield® X-Ray Protective Aprons

RayShield X-Ban®

RayShield X-Ban® is manufactured under high quality control conditions and is certified as meeting the stringent DIN 6813 standards for X-ray Protection. RayShield X-Ban® is offered in two standard constructions:

X-Ban® Super Lightweight 0.35mm & 0.5mm

Lead Equivalent Protective Aprons are manufactured using X-Ban® a special synthetic composite protective material that offers up to 8 to 10 times the dimensional strength and durability of lead vinyl. An advanced metallic deposition technique places lead and other materials in suspension, creating a lighter weight optimized protective apron material while averaging a weight improvement that is 30% lighter than conventional lead vinyl aprons. To our knowledge, no apron in the industry is lighter in weight while providing the same protection.

X-Ban® SuperLight LeadFree™ 0.35mm & 0.5mm

Lead Equivalent Protective Aprons manufactured using X-Ban® No-Lead, create a super lightweight optimized protective apron, which provides either .35mm or 0.5mm lead equivalence*1 while averaging a weight improvement that is 30% lighter than conventional lead vinyl aprons of similar lead equivalence.

Protective Garments Recycling & The Environment

Recycling Lead Composite Materials

Garments made with Lead provide the best protection available at a substantially lower price. At AADCO, we have a recycling program that includes free recycling for our customers of Lead Composite X-ray Protective garments. It's costly to us but in terms of our environment and providing you with the best X-ray safety, it's worth every penny.


Lead-Free Garments & The Environment

These products may be thrown into regular trash collection, because they are, "No-Lead". In this case they end up in landfills across the country. There is no recycling for these materials. Each time one is disposed of in a land fill, the metallic elements used to produce a new garment must be mined. Mining is very environmentally destructive.


AADCO’s "No Inspection Required" Warranty

Many Lead Apron manufactures require that you inspect, i.e., fluorocope your new apron within 7 to 14 days of shipping, making you accept responsibility for any defects that may appear later. That's a no-warranty clause. (read their fine print)

At AADCO, we don't do that... We have a rigorous inspection process that begins in the earliest stages of manufacturing and guarantees a quality product. No inspection by the customer is required.

AADCO Medical, Inc., warrants the X-ray protective wear manufactured under its label to be free of defects in material and workmanship for two years. Repair or replacement will be done at the sole discretion of AADCO Medical, Inc, upon a no-charge basis and subject only to your return shipping the product to AADCO at your cost. This warranty assumes normal wear and tear and does not cover any product which has been abused or misused. This warranty represents the only warranty provided by AADCO Medical, Inc., for its X-ray protective wear. AADCO Medical, Inc., assumes no liability other than that expressly set forth in the foregoing warranty. No other warranty, whether express or implied, is provided. In no case shall the liability of AADCO Medical, Inc., exceed the purchase or replacement price of the product.

  1.  Front Protection Value. In wraparound protective garments back protection equals one half of this amount Note: .35mm material provides approximately 96% X-Ray absorption (attenuation) at 80 KVP and 93% X-Ray absorption (attenuation) at 100 KVP, of scattered radiation.