ErgoLite® MagnaBack Vest & Kilt

Our ErgoLite® Magna-Back Vest and Kilt is a specially designed lighter-weight garment that is easy-on and off. You don't need help to put this ultra-lightweight garment on because the exclusive magnetic clasp at the back of the garment does the work for you.  The MagnaBack  is lighter weight because it is not designed with unnecessary overlap panels, and provides full radiation protection coverage at the listed lead equivalence. 

Like all of our patented ErgoLites®, the Magna-Back creates support directly at your lower back area. With AADCO's exclusive ErgoLite® Internal Support Frame, it transfers 100% of the apron's weight to your hips, eliminating all shoulder contact and repetitive stress on sensitive contact points of the shoulder, clavicle, cervical/thoracic spine, and upper back muscles. Adjusted properly, the apron doesn't even touch your shoulders. Exclusively from AADCO Medical.

  • Exclusive Magnetic Back Closure
  • Easy On & Easy Off, no need for help
  • Exclusive Ultra-Light Weight Design
  • True 0.5mm lead equivalence
  • Patented ErgoLite® Anti-Fatigue Technology