ComfortLite™ Premium X-ray Protective Aprons

AADCO’s ComfortLite™ X-ray Protective Aprons

Our customers asked for it and we listened. They told us about the features they most desired in their X-ray Protective Garments: Light Weight X-ray Protection, Comfortable Feel, and Durability, and we created ComfortLite™. Simply stated, ComfortLite™ will be the most comfortable, lightest weight, full protection apron you have ever worn. When we say full protection, we mean it! If the label says it's 0.5mm lead equivalence, that's exactly what it is. Unlike our competitors there's no "Hocus Pocus Testing", or claims of protection that's not there. Every ComfortLite™ is made to be the Lightest weight, most comfortable full protection apron available anywhere today.

ComfortLite™ Waist Adjustable Apron

The body hugging design of our Waist Adjustable apron transfers most weight from shoulders to hips, increasing comfort and decreasing the fatigue normally associated with long procedures. Velcro closures provide easy off and on convenience. Elastic back sections provide added support. Breast or hip pocket provides added convenience.

ComfortLite™ Support Buckle™Apron

Our Support Buckle™ Apron’s special design places support where you need it, directly at your lower back area. This back-support effectively transfers most of the apron's weight to your hips, providing a comfortable and effective back support apron that greatly reduces fatigue.

ComfortLite™ O.R. QuickDrop X-ray Aprons

Remove your apron without breaking the sterile field. After the X‑ray portion of the procedure is finished, removing your apron reduces fatigue. With assistance, the Velcro® tabs are easily reached from the rear of the gown. Once released, the apron slides down from under the gown. Super Lightweight Model Includes Lumbar
Support Belt.

ComfortLite™ O.R. Quick-Drop 950™ Aprons

This innovative design, based on the Waist Adjustable apron, has special closures that have been added to allow the user the convenience of removing the apron from under a sterile gown. This allows the apron to be removed after the fluoroscopy portion of the procedure is finished, without removing the sterile gown or breaking the sterile field. Early removal reduces user fatigue.

ComfortLite™ Wraparound Apron

This wraparound coat apron is specially designed with overlapping front panels that, when combined, provide full protection. We’ve also added features that make this popular model the most comfortable of its type to wear. Our wraparound’s 6 inch stretch waistbelt with lumbar support redirects weight from shoulder to hips, reducing upper back stress and the fatigue associated with long procedures. Our Velcro® type side seams separate when sitting or bending. This apron combines light weight, flexible comfort and lumbar support with maximum protection.

ComfortLite™ Vest & Kilt

Our Vest and Kilt incorporates improved weight distribution and wrap-around protection in a protective garment that's very comfortable to wear. Most of the apron’s weight is removed from the shoulders and transferred to the hips, eliminating unwanted weight stress from the upper back muscles and spinal column, thus increasing comfort during long procedures. Vests include shoulder pads. Male vests include breast pocket. Female Vest and Kilt include pockets.

AADCO’s "No Inspection Required" Warranty

Many Lead Apron manufactures require that you inspect, i.e., fluorocope your new apron within 7 to 14 days of shipping, making you accept responsibility for any defects that may appear later. That's a no-warranty clause. (read their fine print)

At AADCO, we don't do that... We have a rigorous inspection process that begins in the earliest stages of manufacturing and guarantees a quality product. No inspection by the customer is required.

AADCO Medical, Inc., warrants the X-ray protective wear manufactured under its label to be free of defects in material and workmanship for two years. Repair or replacement will be done at the sole discretion of AADCO Medical, Inc, upon a no-charge basis and subject only to your return shipping the product to AADCO at your cost. This warranty assumes normal wear and tear and does not cover any product which has been abused or misused. This warranty represents the only warranty provided by AADCO Medical, Inc., for its X-ray protective wear. AADCO Medical, Inc., assumes no liability other than that expressly set forth in the foregoing warranty. No other warranty, whether express or implied, is provided. In no case shall the liability of AADCO Medical, Inc., exceed the purchase or replacement price of the product.

AADCO ComfortLite™ Construction and Engineering

All AADCO X-ray Protective Aprons are made with Advanced X-Ban® X-ray Attenuating Materials. AADCO’s ComfortLite™ Aprons are made with the latest version of Advanced X-Ban®, "High-Spec" X-Ban® SuperLite Material. "High Spec” X-Ban® Lead Free is also available, for those who prefer this option.

"High Spec" X-Ban® SuperLite is a composite attenuating material that includes lead in an efficiently designed composite material. Our “High-Spec" Version of X-Ban® SuperLight is in many ways similar to what BMW does with its “M” Series Cars and Mercedes does with its “AMG” Series, when they select the finest auto chassis and engines off their production line… At AADCO, we do the same. We inspect and select the most desirable premium X-Ban® material for its premium features. As such, we select the lightest weight, from each manufacturing run of Advanced X-Ban® produced. We call it, "High-Spec" X-Ban®.

In addition to this, a combination of other engineering techniques are used to make ComfortLite™Aprons lighter and more comfortable. We use lighter weight, highly pliable garment shell materials. We apply advanced engineering techniques to the patterns of each apron, changing the pattern design of each apron to achieve maximum efficiency by minimizing unnecessary weight to achieve the highest X-ray Protection to Weight Ratio in the industry.

Advanced X-Ban® is a 21st Century Attenuating Material, that has evolved over 2 decades of design and modification. The formulation of AADCO’s X-Ban® attenuating materials have evolved to a level of manufacturing excellence, that is maintained under unsurpassed quality control conditions and procedures. During manufacturing, X-Ban® materials are digitally scanned for consistent density, and to eliminate any potential defects. After X-Ban® production we provide a second test. Every roll of Advanced X-Ban® material is sampled and tested for quality and weight characteristics. A third test occurs prior to apron production, wherein every yard of Advanced X-Ban® material is sight inspected before it is used to produce your X-ray Protective Garments. And during Apron Production 5 additional Quality Inspections of your Aprons also occur.

All Advanced X-Ban® materials are a multi-attenuator composite radiation protection materials. These specialized composite materials are simply the highest state of the art in x-ray protection and one that continues to evolve to maintain maximum Radiation Safety efficacy in conformance with ALARA. All said and done, Advanced X-Ban® is unsurpassed in the X-ray Protection, and "High-Spec" X-Ban® SuperLite is simply the best of the best.